About Us

We have a motto at Burraneer Bay Building: commit to quality; know that good things take time. This motto underpins our entire approach to the architecturally designed homes we build for our clients in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire.

We very deliberately take on only one or two projects at a time. This keeps our team’s focus on the job at hand. It ensures we’re there when our clients need us — and of course, it enables us to deliver on our promise of a genuine quality build. Because no matter how you spin it, less time means more compromise – be it on workmanship or the materials chosen throughout. Our 20 years in the industry has taught us this much at least.

With Burraneer Bay Building taking care of your build, owner Andy Drury directly manages your project along with a highly-skilled and experienced team that works to exacting standards. What’s more, we all share a passion for contemporary design and the same unwavering respect for those who are committed to excellence.  

But craftsmanship alone can’t cement the type of reputation we’ve earned. Being mindful of our clients’ needs throughout the building process has always played a vital role.

We believe homes are built from the inside out, beginning with the people that will be calling this house a home. The best results come from collaboration and great relationships, where architects, owners and builders can inspire each other. If your values align with ours and you think we’re the builder for you, we’d love to discuss your project.

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